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Are there any ATMs in Harbour Island?

Yes, inside the Royal Bank of Canada.

Can we use our credit cards in Harbour Island?

Yes, VISA and MasterCard. Not always Discover or AMEX. There is a surcharge for its use, which varies from place to place.

What kind of currency can you use in The Bahamas?

Either United States Dollar or Bahamian dollar are used. The Bahamian Dollar is tied to the American dollar, and is equal in value. Everyone accepts American dollars, and there is no need to exchange into Bahamian dollars.


What documents do I need to gain entrance into The Bahamas?

You MUST have a current passport that does not expire within 6 months.

I notice there are three airports in Eleuthera. Which airport is the best to fly into if we are going to Harbour Island?

North Eleuthera Airport (call letters “ELH”).

How safe is it on the island?

Very, very safe, but use common sense. Do NOT leave cash in the open, and use normal protective measures with your money, like anywhere else. Leaving phones or other valuables on golf carts when out for dinner or about town is not recommended.

How do I get to King’s View?

It is a two minute taxi ride from the airport, to Three Island Dock ($5 per person). At Three Island Dock you pick up a quick water taxi from there DIRECT to King’s View on Harbour Island ($10 per person).

Taxi Tip - There are always Taxi Drivers on hand to take you but if you wish to pre-reserve then call Fine Threads on (242) 359-7780. Ask him if he has any fresh produce to pick up as his farm supplies many of the wonderful restaurants on Harbour Island. His fresh Tomatoes are second to none.

While you are here

Can I pre-order groceries, wine and spirits before arriving in Harbour Island?

Yes, you can order groceries from Captain Bob’s prior to your arrival. Call him at (242) 359-7725.

Can we drink the water? 

King’s View has a Reverse Osmosis system and the water can be drunk out of any of the taps inside. However bottled water is readily available at many of the stores on the Island if you prefer.

What is the WI-FI code at King’s View?


Where are the medical facilities on Harbour Island?

There is a clinic with a doctor on the island. The number is (242) 333-2227


Where can I use the internet in town?

Some hotels will have internet, check with them first. If not, there are three public internet cafes;
Da Vine Wine Merchants - Sushi Restaurant
Dunmore Deli
Bahamas Coffee Roaster
Cocoa’s - Starbucks
However most restaurants and bars have Wi-Fi if you ask.

Who can I rent a Golf Cart from?

No Limits – (242) 333-2087
Ross Rentals – (242) 333-2122
Johnson’s – (242) 333-2376
Sunshine – (242) 333-2509
Dunmore Rentals – (242) 333-2372

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King's View

King’s View is a luxury home situated on the south end of Harbour Island on the bay and private 100 foot dock. It is a five minute walk to the famous Pink Sands Beach and a quick drive into town or to any of the other main attractions on the island.
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