Useful Info

Information and contact numbers you may find useful before or during your stay at King's View
Kings View Contacts
Henry Rolle (242) 456-8957 (cell), (email)
Private Chefs
Chef Portia Curry, (242) 470-0810 (cell), (email)
Chef Wanda Higgs, (242) 470-4808 (cell), (email)
Flowers & Event Organiser
Jay Jay Percentie, (242) 432-8409 (cell), (email)
Medical Facilities/Medic/Doctor
Food, Groceries, Wines & Spirits
Captain Bob’s Marketplace, Nesbitt Street 333-3628
Pigly Wigly Store, Dunmore Street, 333-2120
DaVine Wine Merchants & Sushi, Bay Street, 333-2950
Bristol Wine & Spirits, Dunmore Street
Bayside Liquor, Bay Street
Bakeries & Cafes
Bluwatur Bakery, Murray St, Dunmore Town 699-6673
Arthur’s Baker, Crown & Dunmore Street, 333-2285
Dunmore Deli, King Street, 333-2646
Bahamas Coffee Roasters, Dunmore Street, 470-8015
Cocoa Coffee House, Bay Street, 333-1323
Upscale Restaurants
The Rock House, Bay Street, 333-2053
Da Vine Wine Merchants & Sushi, 333-2950
The Landing, Bay Street, 333-2707
The Dunmore Beach Club, Barrack Street, 333-2200
Coral Sands, Chapel Street, 333-2350
Sip Sip, Chapel Street, 333-3316
Aquapazza, 333-3240
Pink Sands Hotel, Chapel Street, 333-2030
Runaway Hill Club, Colebrook Street, 333-2150
Ocean View Club, Gaol Lane, 333-2276
Queen Conch, Bay Street, 333-3811
Ramora Bay, Colebrook Street, 333-2325
Valentine’s Yacht Club, Bay Street, 333-2142
Valentines Resort & Marina, (866) 389-6864
Romara Bay Resort & Marina, (800) 688-0425
Rockhouse Gift Shop, Bay Street, 333-2053
The Blue Rooster, King Street, 333-2240
The Sugar Mill, Bay Street, 333-3558
Miss Mae’s, Dunmore Street, 333-2002
Shine, Bay Street, 551-0061
Pink Sands, Chapel Street, 333-2030
Coral Sands, Chapel Street, 333-2350
Princess Street Gallery, Princess Street, 333-2788
Dilly Dally, Dunmore Street, 333-3109
Tip Top, Dunmore Street, 333-3109
The Island Company, Bay street
Valentines Dive Shop, Bay Street, 333-2080
Spa Services, Personal Training & Yoga
Dermalogica Spa, 333-3772
Tamara Lorey, 470-1059
Real Estate
Coldwell Banker, (Robert Arthur), 359-7216 (cell)
Dunmore Realty, Dunmore Street, 333-3100 or 470-8080 (cell)
Island Real Estate, Dunmore Street, 333-2278 or 359-7241 (cell)
The Royal Bank of Canada, Murray Street, 333-2250
Hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm
Night Life
Gusty’s, Coconut Grove, 333-2165
Daddy D’s, Dunmore street, 359-7006
Beyond The Reef, Bay Street, 554-6847
Kayak, Paddleboards & Jet Skis
Michael’s Cycles on Colebrook Street (tel. 242/333-2384)
Deep Sea Fishing
Jeff Fox (Fox Dive and Fish Shop), 333-2323
Devon Sawyer, 554-5624
Bone Fishing
For Bonefish Guides contact:
Bonefish Joe, 333-2663
Stuart Cleare, 333-2072
Herman Higgs, 333-2372
Post Office
Administration Building 2nd fl., Gaol Lane, 333-2215
Hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
Administration Building 1st Fl., Gaol Street, 333-2111
Fine Threads, (242) 359-7780
Dominique (“Snake”) Johnson, (242) 551-3165

WATER TAXIS (North Eleuthera – Harbour Island)
Andre Thompson – (242) 464-0437
Juan Sawyer – (242) 470-8411

Minister, (242) 464-0060
Troy, (242) 470-4306
Golf Carts
No Limits, (242) 333-2087
Ross Rentals, (242) 333-2122
Johnson’s, (242) 333-2376
Sunshine, (242) 333-2509
Dunmore Rentals, (242) 333-2372

King's View

King’s View is a luxury home situated on the south end of Harbour Island on the bay and private 100 foot dock. It is a five minute walk to the famous Pink Sands Beach and a quick drive into town or to any of the other main attractions on the island.
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